As we’re sure you’re all aware of by now, Valve is planning TOTAL LIVING ROOM DOMINANCE and wants to punch console gaming in the face. They’re planning to do this with Steam Machines, all of which will come with that weird looking controller that has been imaginatively dubbed the “Steam Controller”. Mind. Blown.

Anyway, odd looks aside, the Steam Controller is turning out to be a rather interesting beastie. Those dual touchpads in place of analogue sticks are responsible for all this intrigue; more specifically the haptic feedback with its sub-dermal doohickeys that feed different feely bits into your fingertips. That sounds hot, in an incredibly geeky way.

Since unveiling the Steam Controller and leaving the world somewhat flabbergasted, Valve has been pretty mute on further details. Now, however, we have a video showing off the controller being used to play a variety of games including Portal 2, Civilization V and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It certainly looks precise enough for an FPS, and comfortable enough for a strategy game. Has Valve just created the most versatile controller? Video after the jump.

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