Watch this: Xbox One’s new Friends List App


Everyone’s favourite Xbox LIVE ambassador, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb, is here to show you what the new Friends List looks like on the Xbox One. Now officially dubbed the Friends List App (because everything has to be called an “App” now), the whole thing is rather slick and very appealing to those with a tendency to fawn over minimalist aesthetics.

First interesting new thing: you can now pretty much befriend anyone and they’ll show up in your Friends List Feed. They won’t be termed a friend, however, unless they accept your Friend request. Until they do that you are merely “Following” them. It’s kind of like Twitter in that regard. Second interesting  new thing: you can “snap” your Friends List App to the side of your screen meaning you can see what everyone is up to while you’re playing a game or watching TV (assuming we get the TV capabilities in South Africa). Not sure whether I’d want a running Twitter-like feed on the side of the screen while trying to play a game, but the more social gamers out there will probably love the feature.

Finally, take a look at what player “Skeezy Peezy” is playing in the screen-grab above. Interesting…

Hit the jump to watch all of this in action.