Build a colony… in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!


Double Fine is trying their damndest to get games out the door without the need for big publishers. Pffft, publishers are so last year; crowd funding, obscure game jams like Amnesia Fortnight and Steam Early Access are all the rage. It’s like developers have gone all rock ‘n roll and are sticking it to the man.

Enter Spacebase DF-9, yet another Double Fine development project built on the back of money magically acquired over the Internet. You get to build and manage a base in the inky, weightless void of deep space. You’ll start with a “seed pod” and three citizens, and if all goes well and you don’t die in an airlock malfunction, end up with a sprawling space base loaded with intergalactic citizens of varying species all going about their lives. You’ll have to manage the environment and make sure alien invasions and structural damage don’t bring about the early demise of your grand vision.

If this sounds somewhat familiar it’s because the concept was originally discussed as one of the aforementioned Amnesia Fortnight projects. The alpha has now hit Steam Early Access, which means you’ll have to come up with the minimum asking price of $25. If you crap money, you could spend as much as $250 on gaining access, which will give you all sorts of obscure perks like having an in-game citizen named after you. That’s almost worth it for me just to be able to think of the hundreds of thousands of people looking at my name and thinking, “How the eff do you pronounce that?” Trailer after the jump.

Via: Shacknews