Rumour: DriveClub delayed to next year


Yet another potential delay to next-gen launch titles; this time we’re talking about PlayStation 4 exclusive Driveclub, which was scheduled to launch alongside Sony’s new console on 15 November. A couple of days ago, Ubisoft delayed the launch of Watch_Dogs, which was also supposed to release alongside new hardware.

For now, Sony and developer Evolution Studios are yet to confirm whether there is any truth behind this rumour, but UK-based website The Same Coin (which originally picked up the rumour) is claiming to have heard from “an anonymous source”. Kotaku then investigated a little further and learnt from one of their Sony sources that the rumour is indeed true, and that we should expect Driveclub sometime during our autumn next year. Furthermore, Driveclub was suddenly pulled from a Sony showcase, with presenters citing a “scheduling conflict” as the reason for the no-show. Hmmm…

With the potential of a second highly anticipated launch title slipping from Sony’s window, the first few months of the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle is starting to look a little disconcerting. It’ll be up to Killzone: Shadow Fall to lead the exclusive launch line-up should this rumour prove true.