2K Marin hit with layoffs, pretty much dead and gone


2K Marin, the team responsible for BioShock 2 and, more recently, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, has been hit with layoffs that parent company 2K Games is calling an effort to “reallocate creative resources”. While it’s not uncommon for publishers to reduce workforces once a game ships, there seems to be something more serious happening here.

According to website Rock, Paper, Shotgun, which is citing anonymous sources at 2K Marin, this spate of layoffs is more thorough and 2K Marin is “essentially” shutdown. The source claims that a “small number of 2K Marin team members” were interviewed for positions at a new 2K team in Novato. That team is under the leadership of Rod Fergusson, who produced Gears of War and BioShock Infinite. As for the rest of 2K Marin that didn’t get positions in Novato: “It sounds like everyone who was not offered a position on that team was let go today.”

That’s sad news, but considering The Bureau’s recent performance and the way the AAA gaming industry works, it’s not altogether unsurprising. What’s sad is that the team at 2K Marin had a bit of a bumpy road getting The Bureau to market, which explains why it was a little underwhelming. It wasn’t awful, but it was forgettable.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun