Battlefield 4 beta complaints “objectively wrong”, says DICE

battlefield 4 complaints

Proving again that the old “customer knows best” aphorism is usually completely untrue, DICE has responded to criticisms of the ongoing Battlefield 4 beta, pointing out that most of them are “objectively wrong”. Remember, kids – limited subjective experience and reality don’t always match up exactly.

Talking to Games Industry, game producer Patrick Bach explained that, basically, people just don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time.

“My biggest concern is when you see online feedback as truth, because we actually build into the game a lot of telemetry, ways for us to measure different things happening either… almost on a player level but also on a match level and see who won, what happened, how many kills did he get with his gun etc. etc., making it possible for us to actually compare feedback from the internet with facts. And it’s actually quite scary to see how objectively wrong people can be. Because they want to win, personally, therefore they claim the thing that prevents them from winning is a design flaw or a bug or something,” he said.

“We actually saw in Battlefield 3 that we had a really good split between the classes. I think it was like 49, 51, 49, 51 between classes, it was amazing. Still we read on the internet that certain player types… ‘oh, there are only snipers and you should have a system that prevents too many people from being snipers blah blah blah.’ But it’s not true. If that was the case we’d maybe do more to that but we can even see that in the data now. I saw people saying ‘oh, you haven’t fixed the problems you had in [Battlefield 3] because there are too many snipers,’ and it’s like no, we can see on the data that you are objectively wrong about this thing.”

WELL YOUR MOM IS OBJECTIVELY WRONG. Or something. That said, I do have a serious issue with snipers in Battlefield games, and it’s that I’m super bad at playing one. I don’t blame the game, though, I blame lag.