Guild Wars 2: The Edge of the Mists (WvW)


Just announced, future plans from ArenaNet to alleviate queues for World vs World in Guild Wars 2 by adding in a new map called Edge of the Mists. According to ArenaNet, “the Edge of the Mists, will be able to accommodate as many people as want to play in it at any given time”, and when a map fills up another instance is created. While in the Edge, you’ll still earn World XP and “rewards that will help you in WvW”, but it will not directly contribute to your world’s score.


Guild Wars 2 is now in beta in China, and apparently the population numbers are insane, especially for World vs World. According to Colin Johanson, Game Director: “China for example which we’re in beta for right now, we’re seeing massive responses from guilds that make NA/EU guilds look tiny. These guilds all want to play WvW on the same world together, this map will help facilitate a better launch in new regions, as well as the much larger guild alliances you find in the east.

Testing on the new map will start small with a limited closed beta, sometime near the beginning of 2014.