State attorney tells parents not to buy M-rated GTA V


File this one under “W” for “well, duh”, but Illinois State Attorney Jim Glasgow has embarked on a campaign to enlighten parents about the horrors that lie in wait for all unsuspecting, underage children that might innocently find themselves playing Grand Theft Auto V. Now before you all go on to think that Mr. Glasgow is doing his bit to promote awareness of age restricted titles in the video game industry, his agenda has a little more to it than that.

Speaking to a hall of around 50 parents at Mokena Junior High School, Glasgow showed six minutes of GTA V gameplay during which one of the three playable characters “blew the heads off of innocent women and police officers, killed a dog, and ran over others with a car,” as reported by Chicago-based news outlet SouthtownStar. Apparently the footage was so alarming that a number of parents had to turn away; something we don’t recommend doing while playing GTA V because that’ll in all likelihood lead to a mission failure.

Anyway, Glasgow went on to highlight how American culture and entertainment is built on an overall acceptance and embracing of violence. To his credit, he did say that this existed across all forms of entertainment, including TV and movies. However, his method to combat the perceived ill effects GTA V is having on people is to call for “an economic boycott” of Rockstar’s new game. You know, the game that just made over $1 billion in three days and is now the most successful entertainment product ever created. Also don’t forget that the game has sold over 16 million copies, which obviously means there are now more than 16 million new murderers and gangsters out there. Stay safe, you lot.

Source: SouthtownStar
Via: Game Politics