Xbox One adaptor required for non-Microsoft headsets


Yep, this again: Microsoft initially stated that the Xbox One would not include a headset because Kinect would provide chat functionality. That was later changed when Major Nelson did that Xbox One unboxing video where it was revealed that a basic headset will in fact be included in all versions of the console. Shortly before that, however, Microsoft confirmed that they were working on a solution for third-party headsets and Xbox One; new data ports on the Xbox One controller essentially render existing headsets obsolete.

Microsoft has since developed an adaptor that will allow Xbox 360 headsets to interface with the Xbox One controller. One of the top headset manufacturers, Turtle Beach, has now revealed that those adaptors won’t be available until sometime during the first quarter of 2014. In a press release, the company confirmed that Microsoft is supplying them with the adaptors for use with their new range of Xbox One headsets: the XO Fours and the XO Sevens. Why headsets made specifically for the Xbox One would need an additional adaptor is anyone’s guess, but Microsoft has always been extremely picky with what peripheral manufacturers can do with the Xbox brand. This is likely just another way for Microsoft to keep control; that and proprietary plugs are a license to print money.

The delay in the release of the adaptor is causing a bit of a commotion with audiophiles, but it won’t be an issue for us here in South Africa considering there still isn’t even an official release date for the Xbox One anyway. DO we sound bitter>

Via: CVG
Header: IGN