Sony has released a new promotional video for their PlayStation brand in anticipation of the upcoming release of the PlayStation 4. In the video, the viewer is shown the changes that occur in a bedroom as time progresses. Outside the window, the London skyline changes; the posters on the wall follow the bands of the time; the clothing of the people who enter the bedroom reflects the fashion of the eras. Throughout this ever-shifting snapshot of life, one thing remains constant inside the bedroom: a PlayStation sits connected to the TV.

There’s a staggering amount of attention to detail in this promo clip; so much so that it’s worth watching a few times to really appreciate. The video’s aspect ratio changes as the original PlayStation gives way to a PlayStation 2. Heck, even the gaming magazines on the floor in front of the TV move with the times.

Obviously the whole thing culminates with the arrival of a PlayStation 4. Sure it’s marketing, but it’s clever marketing. Video after the jump.

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