Yesterday, news of a trademark filing for a new Alien game was revealed by website Siliconera. Today, Kotaku has added more information from an anonymous source said to be working on the game. The caveat: Kotaku heard this information from this source about six months ago, which means that a lot could have changed since then.

Alien: Isolation is being developed by Creative Assembly – them of Total War fame. The game is an FPS that stars Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. The character of Amanda is mentioned during the special edition of the Aliens movie, but aside from a photograph, we never actually meet her in the films.

According to Kotaku’s source, publisher Sega was pissed about the reception of Gearbox and TimeGate’s Aliens: Colonial Marines and as a result they’re approaching Isolation very carefully. The game is apparently inspired by titles like Dishonored and BioShock. There will be an emphasis on stealth as well as horror elements.

Interestingly, the game will be set on one space station, and there’ll also be just one alien. The majority of the game Amanda will be facing “clones and soldiers”. With a single alien in the game, and an emphasis on the horror elements, Isolation is looking towards the original Alien film for inspiration. That could be a really good thing, as previous Aliens games have utilised the second and third films as springboards for marine-fuelled, action heavy FPS titles. Perhaps a stealth-based game with a single alien might be what long-time fans need?

Apparently, the game was supposed to be debuted at this year’s E3, but it has been delayed. We’ll keep you updated as more news hits.

Source: Kotaku

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