eSports administration announces new drug testing policy


Ahead of the world champs in Romania next month, the International eSports Federation (IeSF) has confirmed that, as part of the their ongoing association with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), all winners and other randomly selected players at the event will be tested for banned substances.

The list of no-no stuff includes stimulants, narcotics, cannabinoids, and glucocorticosteroids. THERE GO MY WEEKEND PLANS. Not really, though, because I wasn’t competing anyway.

Honestly, I’m wondering if this is even necessary in eSports – a category of sports that isn’t even sports by most definitions of the word. I suppose I get why stimulants are prohibited, except it’s not all stimulants – caffeine isn’t on the list, for example. But weed? If anything, that’s only going to make a person play even worse. I know because I’ve read about it on the internet.

I’m not much invested either way in the whole “is it sports or isn’t it sports” argument, but this does look a bit like us-too posturing especially given the repeated use of the cringingly awful term “cyber-athletes” in the press release.

Next up, the latest from kinetic projectile-athletics.