More than 10 minutes of new Killzone: Shadow Fall footage


PlayStation 4 exclusive and launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall is certainly looking lovely; if the word “lovely” can be used to describe the Killzone universe with all its brutality. If you’re looking forward to Guerrilla Games’ newest entry into the longstanding series, or if you’re just looking forward to having glorious next-gen visuals rammed into your eyeballs, then you’re going to want to check out this new gameplay footage.

Originally shown off at the recent Tokyo Game Show, this new Shadow Fall footage introduces some new (and very pretty) environments as well as some of the fancy toys at your disposal. You get a drone buddy! Said drone buddy looks like it’s going to be super helpful and always willing to execute your orders without hesitation, even if that means sending him/her/it face-first into oncoming enemies.

For a launch title game, Killzone: Shadow Fall is looking very impressive, even if all the lens flare and lighting effects make it look like it was directed by J.J. Abrams. Just a note: seeing as this footage debuted at the Tokyo Game Show, the commentary is all in Japanese; not that it really matters. The actual game starts around the 5:07 mark if you want to skip the frenetic Japanese intro sequences. Grab that morning beer and get comfy; gameplay video after the jump.