PSA: GTA V for PC torrent is fake, is also malware

gta v oops

You know, just in case anybody needed reminding of the obvious facts, aside from GTA V for PC not actually even being a thing (yet). Although I suppose if somebody is stupid enough to download an 18GB torrent of a game that doesn’t exist, they kind of deserve what they get.

According to a report over on WCCFTech, the installer infects the user’s PC with malware before redirecting them to a website where they are forced to spend the rest of forever (or at least some of it) filling in surveys for an authentication code. Repeat for delicious schadenfreude – that’s an authentication code for a game that hasn’t been made.

… A game that hasn’t been made. Half-Life 3 hasn’t been made. Half-Life 3 confirmed.

Via: Kotaku