NAG’s big Box o’ Crap returns!

This time, it’s filled with actual crap! And nothing else! Apparently the stuff sells for buttloads in certain regions of the world, so really we’re awarding you an investment opportunity.


Anyway, it’s not actually filled with crap crap, but like, crap. Crap we don’t want cluttering our lives anymore. Crap we’d like to get rid of by having you take it all away from us.

Poop. LOL.

Right, so now that we’ve gotten the completely abhorrent (but clearly necessary) toilet humour out the way, this post is in honour of the fact that we’ve got another unholy collection of all the stuff we’ve fallen out of love with to offer you the chance to win. There’s some good stuff in there! But there’s also some total garbage. The fun is in sorting through the mound of what the hell even is that? you’ll suddenly have in your possession.

There’s a motherboard that’s sat unused on a shelf here for something like a year. There’s a luminous-baby-vomit green T-shirt. Somewhere, you’ll find bits of a broken Gundam. There may or may not be an entire Wii (plus Wii Fit!) and a bunch of antivirus goodies. SD CARDS! O_O A mouse mat. Games, obviously. Bits of yesterday, some of today and all of tomorrow. A Parrot AR drone that we may or may not have left looking a little sideways. Just a little. A Prestige Edition thingy for Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you find food, do not eat it. Or do, but be sure to let us know what happens.

We don't know this person.
We don’t know this person.

Most importantly, NAG’s Box o’ Crap is filled with love. Most (some) of the stuff in there we loved intensely for at least 30 seconds before moving on to whatever else caught our eye for the following 30 seconds. And then we put that second attention-grabbing thing in there too.

Now, like a three-legged puppy, this Box o’ Crap needs a new home that can look past its minor flaws and see it for all the cute and cuddly it has. Although, to be honest, if anything you find in there can be described as cuddly, you should possibly shoot it. Just to be sure.

If you’d like to be its new owner, just leave us a comment below. But! There’s a rule here: you can only enter if you can actually get to our office (using any means necessary) and collect the Box(es) o’ Crap yourself from our offices in Johannesburg North, and you have to do so within one week of us announcing the winner. If it’s not collected in that timeframe, we’ll draw a new winner. Is that actually two rules? I don’t know. Sorry! We’ll randomly draw a winner on the 8th of November.

Also, please note that there may actually be more goodies in the Box o’ Crap than is visible in the image at the top of this post.

Now go!