Yes, more Titanfall news, but let’s face it: this game is going to be massive. Late last night, developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts announced that the game will be out on 11 November in the US and 13 November in Europe, which means us here in South Africa as well.

While we were at E3, Respawn and EA showed us some incredible gameplay footage for Titanfall. That footage is now out in the wild; you can find it after the jump. The thing that’s really intriguing about this title is how it’s being billed as a multiplayer game with the depth of canon ordinarily found in a single-player game. It sounds as if this is a new “thing” as we get closer to next-gen, as Bungie’s Destiny is similar: multiplayer game, but a multiplayer game that feels like a single-player game.

In case you missed it a few months back, we’ve already gone hands-on with Titanfall while at Gamescom. You can read Geoff Burrows’s impressions right over here.

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