The Running of the Gnomes

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to the World of Warcraft player, this should mean one thing: The Running of the Gnomes.

What it is:

In 2010, SeeD – an American World of Warcraft guild that had previously decided to change their tabard colour to pink for the month of October – decided to take their efforts to the next level by organizing a little event that they called “The Running of the Gnomes”. The concept is simple. Everyone rolls a gnome, gives it a cute name and pink hair, accepts an invitation to the “Racing Guild” and collects their pink tabard. From there, all the gnomes – and there are many – race to Booty Bay in one glorious stream of pink philanthropy.

Why it’s awesome:

The Running of the Gnomes isn’t just about breast cancer awareness. Members of SeeD and anyone else who’s feeling generous pledge to donate a certain amount per gnome, the proceeds of which are sent to the Cleveland Clinic. SeeD suggests this particular clinic because they are working on a breast cancer vaccine, but if a person wants to donate to a different organization they’re welcome to do so. In 2012 over $1,000 was raised. The goal this year is $1,500

How to get involved:

You have two choices.

First, you can pledge to donate a certain amount of money per gnome to Cleveland Clinic or any other breast cancer organization of your choice. If you want to donate to a South African organization, I suggest CANSA. Bear in mind, over 1,000 gnomes showed up last year and that number could increase by 500-1,000 this year so make sure you’re pledging an amount you can cope with.

Second, you can roll a gnome on the US server Scarlet Crusade. The event is happening on October the 26th at 7pm EST, which is October the 27th at 1am in South Africa. You will need to be there early to join the guild and pick up your pink tabard. If you don’t have an American account you can sign up for a trial account. Note that, even if you have the EU game client, you will have to specifically choose and download the US client. You can find instructions on how to do this here. You won’t be able to accept the guild invitation or wear the pink tabard, but you’re still allowed to run alongside the other gnomes and you will be counted. If you choose this option, I suggest rolling a Gnome Warlock as that means your gnome will be wearing a dark pink robe. Make sure to look out for me! I will be a pigtailed Gnome named Doombubbles.

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