I’m seein’ a lotta new faces ’round here…


If you hit your mind’s great big imaginary rewind button, you may recall that a few weeks back we activated the coveted NAG Signal as a way to attract new writers to NAG Online. We received some great applications, and we’ve spent the last few days attempting to select the best of them from the pool of offerings. It wasn’t easy, because there’s loads of quality.

This post is really meant to serve as a way to let all of you lovely readers know that a freelancer trial run is a thing that’s happening. As the fresh writers adjust to their new habitat, you may notice an understandable dip in content quality as we work out the kinks. Please bear with us, is what I’m trying to say.

You may have noticed that I’ve already published the first of these newfangled word-writing experiments, this particular one unleashed on the world by Leon Fourie. As you see these new names appearing beneath posts, feel free to provide the writers with any feedback you possess, either in the comments section below this post or within the posts written by the writers themselves.

We hope you enjoy all the additional content. And to all our new writers: good luck!

So, that was definitely an episode of Game of Thrones