Microsoft invites you to the next generation of Xbox


On Tuesday we shared an excellent PlayStation advert with you lot; it’s only fair that we now afford Microsoft and the Xbox brand the same courtesy. With the impending release of the Xbox One in parts of the world that none of us are in (boo!) Microsoft is kicking the marketing train into high-gear.

A new TV advert for the Xbox One has just hit the interwebs and, as with most things we end up sharing on NAG Online, it’s clever! Called “Xbox One: Invitation”, the advert sees many of the launch titles and console features inviting users to the “next generation of entertainment”. It’s cooler than it sounds, trust me. Also there are a couple of cameos that probably set Microsoft back a little; and by “a little” we actually mean the small change they found floating at the bottom of their petty cash jar.

The next-gen console wars are everywhere: in the spec sheets, the first-party launch titles and even the advertising. Instead of taking the neutral high ground we’re going to fan the inevitable fanboy conflagration by demanding you pick your favourite advert: this new Xbox One advert, or the recent PlayStation advert. NO, YOU CAN’T LIKE THEM BOTH; YOU MUST PICK ONE! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! And that last bit wasn’t some subversive message to make you choose the Xbox One advert.