Video Preview: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


UPDATE: if you enjoyed Miklós’ video and want your life filled with even more Hearthstone, be sure to read Chris’ text-y impressions of the game’s beta.

Hearthstone is responsible for a post on this very website having the most reader comments in the history of NAG Online. When we started giving away beta keys we really didn’t realise just how excited people are for this game. Your deluge of comments got my attention, so I decided to see what all the hype was about. That happened nearly a month ago; it’s taken that long to get this video preview online because I couldn’t stop playing Hearthstone. I am, you see, rather smitten.

And so, as Hearthstone fever threatens to drown out another fever that we’re told was caused by a beaver or something, we present to you a NAG Online video preview of Blizzard’s upcoming productivity decimator. Video after the jump and as always, please leave comments and feedback so that we can get better at this sort of thing.

Don’t forget we currently have 40 keys up for grabs once again; you can throw your name into the pot by leaving a comment on this article.