A toxic seed has been sown.
Guarded by magic, fed with evil, it grows.

The next installment of Guild Wars 2’s free bi-weekly updates is here: the Tower of Nightmares. You can watch the teaser trailer here, and if you’ve missed past Living World updates you can read a complete summary of everything that’s happened so far here.

This update deals with some trouble that’s been brewing in Kessex Hills. When Blood and Madness started, a weird magic barrier sprung up in that area, and all the trees around Vaithan Lake have been chopped down. The full patch notes are here, which includes a lot of information about this update:

When entering Kessex Hills, if you’re over level 25, you’ll automatically be redirected to a story instance. If you’re lower than 25, you’ll need to find Marjory Delaqua and talk to her. The open world Kessex Hills zone has been changed entirely, with a new threat – the Toxic Alliance – trying to gain a foothold in the area.

Rewards for completing the meta achievement includes an Antitoxin Spray, a new universal healing skill that cleanses yourself and nearby allies of poison, torment, confusion and toxin. The other reward is a Krait Obelisk Shard, which unlocks for your home instance, and serves as a place of power for earning a skill point or charging Quartz Crystal.

Blood and Madness content and achievements will still be available to play until November 11, including decorations, activities, Haunted Door events, and story instances. The Mad King Says event starts today, the Mad King visiting Lion’s Arch between now and November 1. Be sure to play his game of Mad King Says for the Mask of the Night.