NAG Magazine: November 2013 Issue

We’ve got one month to go before trees covered in flashy lights and bits of tinsel invade our living rooms, and bearded old (and potentially drunk) men are officially invited to explore our chimneys at will without fear of police reprisal. It’s also one month before the entire NAG team hijacks a boat and sails off into the great beyond for a month-long party boat extravaganza full of booze and sunburn and afternoon tea on the deck and embarrassing dancing and probably vomit. We do it all for you really, because it means we return at the start of 2014 fresh and ready for a whole new year of celebrating gaming’s loveliness.

Meanwhile, there’s an awesome November issue to discuss while we await all of the above.

This month we’ve gone Battlefield mad, because there’s nothing that grabs our attention quite like the ability to purposefully crash a heavily armed jet into an unsuspecting chopper full of angry men with guns. Now with added skyscraper demolition and levee removal!

Previewing games is something we do, and we’ve gone and done it to the likes of Sacred 3 (which features a bit less Sacred than we expected) and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (which features all the FF X/X-2 we expected, plus extra pretty). We take a look at the ever-attractive platforming antics of Super Mario 3D World, and local gets some love with the impressive football puzzling of Soccer Moves.

Reviews! They’re here too. With the 2013 leg of the Annual Games Drought having come to a very sudden end, we’ve packed the November issue with important reviews. FIFA and PES continue their yearly skirmish, and we give our verdict on which of the two deserves your cash. The Wonderful 101 isn’t comfortable with anything less than several hundred superheroes, and Farming Simulator gets us thinking maybe we’ve been too harsh on combine harvesters all these years. Quantic Dream makes us question the definition of “video game” again with Beyond: Two Souls. Importantly, we raise an eyebrow at Grand Theft Auto V, and in retaliation it does… absolutely nothing.

Our hardware section is packed with tasty goodness of every variety. We analyse the difference between Intel’s X79 and Z87 platforms. RAM, headphones, motherboards, mice and more are put through our Automated Testing Machine, and it’s spat out some fascinating results. Greek gaming peripherals! But not really.

Get your hands on our November issue and you’ll find all this and more within its pages. As an added bonus, we’ve strapped live C4 to the back of random magazine bags in celebration of all this Battlefield-ness, just to see what happens. If you’re not a fan of C4 roulette, you could always grab a digital copy of the magazine on Zinio.

Now, let’s have a stare at that cover and contents page, shall we?

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