Oh look! It’s Desktop Dungeons! And a release date!


Desktop Dungeons has always held a special place in our pixelated hearts, and that’s not just because it’s being developed by local indie team QCF Design. No, we love the stuffing out of it because it’s damn good fun to play and ideal for quick, 10 minute gaming sessions when we really should be doing something else that’s more constructive.

The team at QCF went rather quiet after they won the prize for Excellence in Design at the 2011 Independent Games Festival awards. That was over two years ago, but our friends over at Lazygamer caught up with the team about a week ago to find out what was cooking at the home of Desktop Dungeons. It’s a neat Q&A and worth a read if you’ve been foaming at the mouth for this game.

The great news is that we now finally (FINALLY!) have a release date for the game. Desktop Dungeons is hitting Steam on 7 November 2013. Say goodbye to your general productivity, as this little roguelike-that-could has some seriously addictive gameplay.

Hit the jump for an added bonus: a release date announcement trailer featuring local gaming presenter and hyperkinetic personality, Grant Hinds. It’s hilarious.