The Day the Gnomes Ran

This past weekend, Laura Shortridge attended The Running of the Gnomes – a World of Warcraft event held in honour of promoting breast cancer awareness and raising money for various charities. This is how that went. Be sure to check out the snazzy virtual photo album at the end.

I checked in early, around 9:45pm on Saturday. The event wasn’t scheduled to start until 7pm EST (1am on Sunday in South Africa), but some gnomes were already dotted about. Pink hair, pink tabards. As I only had a trial account, I wasn’t able to join the guild and collect a tabard, but that didn’t seem like it would become a problem. I could join the Gnomerun channel and read the chat there, but I couldn’t send any messages to the channel. I decided to log out and check in later.

I logged back on at 12:40am. The starting area, a smallish room, was covered in pink-haired gnomes and chaos. Event organizers were handing out guild invitations and tabards; pink with pink hearts. By 1:05 I discovered it was impossible to get a screenshot of all the gnomes. There were so many that even with my graphics set to ultra I seemed to be only able to view a certain amount at a time.

The run started at 1:12am. The gnomes who could summoned pink pets. Higher-level gnomes mounted pink mounts. Non-gnomes wore pink; one Pandaren even wore a pink-haired gnome mask. PINK EVERYWHERE. We made our way to Ironforge, caught the tram, and regrouped outside of Stormwind’s gates, where a mini-realm crash caused everyone to suddenly find themselves alone. This instability didn’t last long, thankfully, and soon we were making our way to the fountain in Darkshire, where we regrouped one last time before heading into Northern Stranglethorn.

Once we had all reached Booty Bay, we regrouped at the top of the Inn, where, after much difficulty, we managed to form a heart.

When I took this screenshot, the front gnomes had arrived in Booty Bay, and I wasn't even at the back of the stream of Gnomes. That's how long it was.
When I took this screenshot, the front gnomes had arrived in Booty Bay, and I wasn’t even at the back of the stream of Gnomes. That’s how long it was.

After that, the event was officially over. Roughly 1,000 gnomes had attended, including trial accounts like myself.

Of course, some gnomes decided to visit Orgrimmar, and I had to join them. Getting in wasn’t easy, creating a Running of the Ghosts, but I did manage to see Garrosh Hellscream in Grommash Hold… briefly.

So far, $1,280 out of the $1,500 goal over at the Cleveland Clinic has been reached. If you want to help increase this amount, consider pledging at least 1 penny per gnome by donating $10 over here.

I had a great time, and will definitely attend next year!