COD giveaway results in Italian stampede

Not this type of Cod, but that would be funnier
Not this type of cod, but that would be funnier.

In an effort to prove that violent games do not cause violence, Call of Duty fans at the Milan Games Week caused a stampede at the Activision booth.  The story goes that the first 500 people to visit the booth would receive a copy of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition valued at $200.

Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a giveaway could predict what came next: when stuff is free, human graces go out the window. The attendees stampeded the booth and pretty much wrecked it. An unconfirmed number of people were injured, and the booth was closed off.

An Italian journalist had the following firsthand account (thanks Google Translate):

The hordes were positioned in front of users , not caring of those who came before and even pushing like crazy . We literally got kicking, shoving and slapping , threatening also to see our equipment broken due to the pressing physicality of boys. The stand dedicated to Call of Duty: Ghosts has in fact been damaged , bringing even large holes in the structure. At this time the space of Activision is closed.

COD: Ghosts stampede

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to launch on the 5th of November and looks to be a blast. However, if you do plan to pick up a copy, just wait in line.

Source:  (It’s in Italian)