Locally made game, The Harvest, hits Steam

The Harvest

It’s been quite the week for SA game development, what with the announcement that Desktop Dungeons is releasing next week to desperately anxious fans. But before the DD bomb was dropped, another locally made game found its way onto Steam last week. Albeit with much less hysterical screaming.

The Harvest was originally published for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8, but was recently ported to PC and now released onto Steam. It was made locally by Luma Arcade – the same team who released the excellent Bladeslinger this year – and published by Microsoft. When the game was released on mobile it was lauded for its beautiful graphics and relatively significant scale for a mobile game. The game is certainly complex strategy and plays like a scaled-down version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown or Dawn of War II. It’s co-op too, so grab a friend and dive into what they promise is a deep and intriguing storyline.

So if locally made strategy is your thing, go grab The Harvest on Steam for just under $10.

Trailer after the break.