With the release of Battlefield 4 a mere day away, many of you have probably already decided whether or not you’ll actually buy the “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” of the FPS genre.

To anyone who decided they might give it a skip; I think you’ll want to reconsider after watching the new launch trailer for the game’s multiplayer… unless you hate big explosions, jets, tanks, all-out destruction and AWESOMENESS. There’s something intensely satisfying about watching a guy on an ATV pop out of an elevator, drive leisurely past a gunfight on the top floor, crash through a window as the building collapses, and lands on a chopper in mid-flight, causing them both to go down in one fiery ball of booyah!

And to anyone already planning to grab their copy tomorrow; I’m sorry for teasing you like this – just wait a little longer, okay?

Trailer after the break.

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