God of War: Ascension

In a sudden Twitter announcement by  Todd Papy, the God of War: Ascension director has declared that he is leaving Sony Santa Monica. According to him, he isn’t leaving the gaming industry, but is just moving over to Germany to experience the new culture. Papy tweeted this on November 2nd: “Yesterday was my last day . I’m extremely honored to have been part of that team. <3 you SSM! Time for the next adventure!!

It looks as though he’s parting the studio on good terms, but one can’t help wonder if the less-than-stellar performance of the recent Ascension has anything to do with it. This makes him the third director to leave the studio after helming a God of War game, after David Jaffe and Cory Balrog (although the latter is confirmed to be directing the next title). [Matthew made a minor boo-boo there. Cory’s surname is actually Barlog. I shan’t be fixing it though, because I feel that today needs more Lord of the Rings, not less of it. – Ed.]

God of War: Ascension was one of Sony’s big 2013 PS3 send-off titles, alongside The Last of Us and the upcoming Gran Turismo 6.

Source: Twitter

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