A post on the Playstation Blog has revealed that the upcoming PS4 will require an update on launch day.

Version 1.50 will involve 300 MB of update goodness, and once installed will give players access to a host of PS4 features, including remote play, share functionality, gameplay streaming (through Twitch and Ustream), and the much applauded ability to play a title as it downloads.

Until you’ve updated, you won’t be able to play background music and use voice commands or facial recognition.

However, the strangest feature locked out is Blu-ray and DVD playback, which can only be accessed after a once-off internet connection. It’s understandable that some sort of patch or EULA will be needed for online features, but movie playback? This might affect those without internet connection who also use their home consoles for watching movies.

Some good news comes from the announcement of “Multi log-in”, which allows four users with separate PSN accounts to log into the same system and earn individual Trophies.

What do all of you think? Is Sony releasing unfinished software with the PS4? Will it affect any of you, or keep you from buying? And does the announcement of Multi log-in balance this news? Time will tell in a few weeks.


Source: Playstation.Blog

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