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Guerrilla Games (the guys responsible for the Killzone titles) feel that streaming sites like YouTube aren’t worthy of showing off their latest bit of sparkly PlayStation 4 multiplayer gameplay for Killzone: Shadow Fall. And they may even be responsible for the first ever gameplay preview that comes with its very own instruction manual.

The reason for this? Here’s what Guerrilla has to say: “Unfortunately, there are limitations to streamed video, and many of the clips and trailers we’ve released thus far aren’t being viewed in the best possible fidelity and framerate.” They also added: “In order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, we’ve captured and lightly compressed new footage that we’re not offering through a video sharing service.”

All this raises the question as to how streaming services will be dealing with the flood of high quality footage, that will undoubtedly follow the kick off of next-gen…

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But anyway, if you’re interested in watching the one-minute-long preview the way it’s meant to be watched (in glorious 60fps) you have to download the entire 541 MB video and watch it using a video player with hardware acceleration capabilities – like Windows Media Player or QuickTime Player.

However, the Internet being the Internet has already uploaded the video onto YouTube anyway.

The preview definitely boasts some impressive visuals, and the gameplay looks slick and fun even without any “revolutionary” gameplay changes.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will be out for the PlayStation 4 on the 29th of November.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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