Minecraft x Skyrim

So, it finally happened. Two of the most iconic (and addictive) games in recent history have mashed all their good parts together and made a baby. Oh bless, it’s a Minerim!

Sure, Skyrim themed creations have been made in Minecraft for quite some time now – and some of them are pretty damned spectacular in their own right – but it was never all official-like until now. The Xbox 360-exclusive DLC will reportedly set gamers back around R40 but no release date has been confirmed yet.

We do however have some tasty info about what goodies you can expect to find in the new pack, including “an exclusive Skyrim-themed texture set, 40 character skins, themed menus and user interface, craftable items, and more than 20 iconic selections from the original Skyrim soundtrack. On top of these features, the pre-set world recreates memorable areas including Whiterun, Riverwood, and Bleak Falls Barrow.”

Check out the pics below for a better look at some of the pickaxes-to-the-knee goodness.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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