Proving even the most gamer-friendly companies aren’t safe from Internet Justice™ for perceived slights, Valve has come under a massive trick barrage after failing to deliver on Dota 2 Diretide this year. Diretide, for those who aren’t aware, was an in-game Halloween event that had players collecting candy and working together against a roaming Roshan.

Oh, players also got loads of item drops, which might explain the level of  animosity now on display (sometimes Skinner boxing has its dark side), although Valve’s reticence about the event highlights the increasing importance of providing direct community feedback.

It started with the Steam boards being hammered for information and blanket deletions of threads where “Diretide” appeared. Players took to Dota 2‘s Metacritic user score, that infinite font of wisdom and restraint (definition: paradox) which at the time of writing is sitting at 4.0.

A particular phrase, “daed gaem, Volvo pls fix!” — an obvious play on Valve’s name — managed to catch on with the community and had them contacting the car manufacturer directly through various social media outlets and official channels with varying levels of hilarity. Despite this bizarre tide of pleas, Volvo seemed happy enough to play along.


It’s not all fun and games; Dota 2 fans also got hold of the telephone number of well-known community star Matthew Bailey aka @CyborgMatt, and have been harassing him with threatening phone calls. CyborgMatt generally has the inside track on Dota 2 info, and has unfortunately become a focal point for grievances.


Original Source: Kotaku

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