This is incredible. It’s also, probably, some sort of cardinal sin among the hardcore Pokémon crowd, but I know exactly nothing about the pride/honour/prestige involved in catching and training pocket monsters.

Reddit user dekuNukem describes himself as an electronics enthusiast. He’s also, obviously, a Pokémon enthusiast and when these two wildly different schools of enthusiasm collide, MAGIC happens. He built an automated controler out of a circuit board, wires, fancy coloured lights and pixy dust. The machine automatically controls the input on his 3DS, meaning he can leave the machine playing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y forever. That in itself isn’t exactly genius considering the machine makes the player character endlessly cast a fishing rod to encounter wild Pokémon and trigger a battle. The real genius is how he got the machine to realise when it’s battling a shiny Pokémon.

Finding shiny versions of Pokémon, I’m led to believe, is a chore. It happens rarely, as the video below illustrates considering the machine has to trigger over 80 Pokémon battles before it finds a shiny. Once you stumble upon a shiny, there’s a special, extended animation prior to the battle starting. That longer animation means that the bottom screen of the 3DS takes slightly longer to re-illuminate. What dekuNukem did was fit a light sensor to the bottom screen which triggers an alarm once it senses a longer off-time.

Once the alarm triggers, dekuNukem is able to swoop in and battle the shiny himself in an attempt to catch it. You can check out the whole thing in the video below. I’m impressed; are you impressed? You should be impressed – THIS IS INGENIOUS! BE AMAZED, DAMN IT!

Source: Reddit
Via: Kotaku

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