Local indies invited to exhibit at Minecon

minecon 2013

So it turns out there’s more games than just Minecraft at Minecon. I reached out to a representative from Cape Town based studio, Free Lives to see what’s up, here’s what I found out – apparently, Notch and Mojang invited several indie games and their developers to Minecon this year. The only requirement was the games were developed under open game development practices and that they are currently still in development. Open game development merely refers to developing games in a manner where the development is visible and accessible. The growing trend of betas and Steam Early Access is the best example of open game development.

Of much awesomeness and brain exploding is that Free Lives’ Broforce and QCF Design’s Desktop Dungeons were amongst the games invited to Minecon. This is a massive deal as indicated by the excellent games Nuclear Throne and Hyper Light Drifter also being invited. This is basically a gigantic wink from international indies that they’re heading in the right direction. Our local indies had a stand on the exhibition floor, this past weekend for the 7,500 people attending to play their games.


As part of the indies being at Minecon, there’s a special one week promotion going on. Each indie game from Minecon that you purchase on that linked page “counts as a chance to win 1 of 5 sets of keys for every game below.” As if that weren’t excellent enough, most of the games on that page are already sitting at reduced prices – so go buy some awesome indie games, and pick up Broforce and Desktop Dungeons if you haven’t already!

Here’s a photo from the event featuring Evan Greenwood, head jacuzzi manager over at Free Lives, in the checkered flannel and long hair (insider tip: he loves checkered flannel).