New PS4 launch ads dial the hype-o-meter to 11


Next-gen is almost upon us, children, and Sony has just added even more fuel to the (already blazing) hype-bonfire that is the PlayStation 4. The latest dose of pure hype, comes in the form of four new commercials that are simply dripping with gooey hypeness.

Ready your hyperdrives, and hit the hyperjump to get hyped.

First up in the hype-quartet, is a commercial that focuses entirely on the – almost equally hyped up – games coming to the console. If your screen doesn’t fog up from all the hype, you’ll notice the word “exclusive” being thrown around a lot, and some pretty great looking indie titles.

The next commercial gains its exceptional level of hype-itude, from the idea that there are no longer any “limits” or “barriers” holding back both players, and developers. It also showcases the greater freedom available to gamers, and more expansive game worlds offered by next-gen titles.

Commercial number three offers hype galore, as it covers one of the PS4’s most exciting new features – Remote Play. The ability to play your super-hypey game on your PS4, and then seamlessly switch to the PS Vita, continuing where you left off, is worth getting hyped up about.

The final commercial in the supernova of hype, is all about that sleek new controller. The DUALSHOCK 4 has a couple of pretty interesting new features, all of which are covered in the video.

Even without all the hype, the HypeStation 4 PlayStation 4 is an impressive piece of tech, and the videos will definitely serve their purpose of getting fans even more excited for its release next month.

Also, hype-idy hype hype HYPE. Alright, I’m done.

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