reaper of souls

With Diablo III having been out for over a year and subjected to several major patches and additions to the world of Sanctuary, players are still waiting for the chance to go at each other in PvP combat – a feature that was promised as part of the pre-launch hype.

In a recent interview with Ausgamers, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls lead designer Kevin Martens and lead writer Brian Kindregan chatted about the upcoming release and what to expect.

As we know already, there will be a new level cap of level 70, as well as the requisite new skills and runes, a new character – the Crusader – who in all honesty looks yawningly similar to the Paladin from Diablo II, but we are assured only shares two of the Paladin’s old skills.


There’s also going to be a new artisan and, we’re told, a lot more focus on loot runs with the new act apparently being specifically designed with these in mind – although what that means exactly is as vague as only Blizzard knows how to be.

The glaringly omitted feature still remains that of any form of PvP gameplay. Supposedly the issue is and always has been that of balancing between characters and that the development team had built a player versus environment game, and to re-balance for player versus player had become a massive task. While the developers aren’t admitting to having abandoned PvP, it would seem that it has become a very low priority on their agenda and with the new Titan MMO in full production I can’t imagine there is much resource available for such a “massive task”.

For now we wait for “Reaper of Souls” which, while there is no confirmed launch date except “early 2014”, will have a fully playable demo at Blizzcon this year (8-9 November).