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It seems that Telltale Games can do no wrong. From its early days of Sam and Max games, to the award-winning Walking Dead, almost all the games this studio pumps out are received with critical praise and good sales. Not only are they the only company doing episodic gaming correctly (looking at you, Valve), but they also consistently develop good adaptations of movies, books and comics. So, which franchises should they bring their unique mix of gameplay and storytelling to next? Gameinformer released their choices, so here’s my Top 5.

#5: Tintin

The 90-year-old Belgian comic franchise popped back onto the radar recently with a well-received movie and not so well received game adaptation (although the smart phone version fared better).


The problem with both is they went for the “blockbuster” feel, and focused too much on the action. Tintin has always been about story and adventure, with action thrown in occasionally. A Telltale adaption could utilise the original comic’s charming aesthetics, let you play as Tintin, Haddock and maybe even Snowy, and would have more than a century of source material to pull from.

#4: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

What’s that? There’s already a Hitchhiker’s adventure game and it’s a beloved classic? Well shut up and sit in the corner! There was also a Sam and Max game, and that was Telltale’s first big hit.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

If any company could do a modern adaption of Douglas Adam’s classic ‘trilogy in five parts” it’s Telltale. Hilarity and adventure will ensue as you guide Arthur Dent around the galaxy after Earth is destroyed. Either as a remake of the original game, or a spin-off of the books, there’s a galaxy of potential to be tapped here. Don’t forget your towel.

#3: The Book of Eli

This 2010 post-apocalyptic action movie starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman may be the strongest contender for the “Should be a Game” award. With its bleak world, complex characters, epic quest, and amazing fight scenes, every day this movie spends not being adapted is a sad day.

The Book of Eli

The game could cover episodes from Eli’s early life as he starts his quest. The movie’s fight scenes and maturity would carry over well because Telltale has proven with The Walking Dead and the recent Wolf Among Us that they can do both in a story-driven game. And if you check out concept art for the movie, you’ll find they were drawn in a graphic-novel style, meaning Telltale could give this a cel-shaded look while retaining the style and atmosphere of the movie.

#2: Watchmen

Whether it’s the landmark graphic novel or the polarising movie-adaptation, most of you will know what Watchmen is. This is the comic series that practically started the gritty-superhero genre and has a rich world for adapting.



It doesn’t need to follow what’s in the book/movie either, and the game could cover several different vigilantes solving crimes and interacting with this strange world. It also has a visual style built in, and Telltale has proved they can make illustrations really come to life.

#1:  Harry Potter

Bear with me here, I’ve got a good idea for this one.

J.K. Rowling recently revealed that the Potter universe would be getting a new film expanding the universe, but set long before the series of books. This means that more stories expanding the lore could be possible. A game from Telltale could allow a level of detail and interaction not available with previous movie tie-ins and could give players a chance to experience the Wizarding World like never before.

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

Here’s my pitch: you play as either an older Potter, or a younger Mad-Eye Moody, working in the Auror Department hunting down dark wizards. In short, a noir-detective story, but set in the Potter universe. Other staples of the series could be included too, like wizard duels, broomstick chases, magical solutions and a host of iconic characters. Any fan of the books and movies and Telltale should be able to see the potential here.

Realistically, this one almost definitely won’t be made as long as EA has the Potter license. But we can dream.

So that’s my pick, what about yours? Any you would add? Let us know in the comments, then start sharing this article with Telltale so we can get a few of these balls rolling.

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