CoD: Ghosts banks $1 billion in 24 hours, but not really

Cod: Ghosts

Activision has revealed that it sold $1 billion dollars worth of  CoD: Ghosts within the first 24 hours of launch. While certainly a staggering figure, it feels like an attempted jab at GTA V‘s recent sales of $800 million within the same period.

Problem is, the $1 billion refers to how many copies that were sold and shipped to retail, while GTA‘s numbers reflect actual sales at retail. For now, we have no idea how CoD: Ghosts is performing with consumers – there could be $1 billion worth of CoD: Ghosts lying in a warehouse somewhere for all we know. This seems like a poorly intentioned potshot by Activision aimed to confuse everyone into believing they’re the publishers with the biggest sausage to wave around.

Hopefully we’ll hear actual first day sales soon to see how CoD: Ghosts is performing.

P.S: This is may be most juvenile thing that’s ever happened in the games industry. “Shut up, Rockstar! We made more money than you – nah, nah, nah, nah! Kinda…” I mean seriously. (Apparently you’ve not heard about Tim Langdell and the “edge” trademark controversy. – FemShepEd)


Source: IGN