Blizzcon is seconds away from starting, but a new trailer for upcoming Diablo III expansion Reaper of Souls has leaked online. It is likely that Blizzard was planning to unveil the trailer at Blizzcon – they don’t seem too miffed about it because it’s still around on various YouTube channels.

The trailer shows off the new content and systems that will be included in Reaper of Souls. There’s a new game mode called Adventure Mode, which sees you pursuing specific target characters in various locations. Kill the target and receive a bounty of gold and XP. There are also new events called Nephalem Rifts that transport you to separate challenge dungeons with their own mini bosses. The new Mystic Artisan also gets some screen time as well as a new Transmogrification system. For the online junkies (which is all of us playing Diablo III on PC) there is now support for clans and groups.

We’ve embedded the trailer after the jump. There’s still a possibility that Blizzard will have these removed, but even if they do, official channels will likely begin posting it the moment Blizzcon kicks off.

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