It didn’t get an official mention; in fact, the game has never been officially announced. Blizzard’s next game started out as the codenamed MMORPG Titan. A few months back it was revealed that Blizzard had decided to take the project in a different direction. That was the last time that anyone at Blizzard had spoken about the game.

Now, with Blizzcon 2013 behind us, some might be wondering what’s happening with the game that still needs to be announced. Website Polygon caught up with Blizzard’s president Mike Morhaime at Blizzcon over the weekend and asked him how things were going with the development.

“We did an evaluation of our technology, the platform that we were building for the game,” he told them. “We realized it wasn’t going to do what we needed it to do without some significant changes. We just used that as an opportunity to take a step back, look at the game and ask hard questions: ‘If we were going to start something new, what would we make? Would we make this? Make something different?’”

It sounds like Titan is still a very, very long way away. With an official reboot occurring around May 2013, and nothing further to share since then, it’s unlikely that we’ll officially hear about this game for quite some time.

It’s not altogether that surprising. When news of Blizzard’s next big MMO first started swirling around the Internet way back in 2007, the MMORPG scene was decidedly different. No gaming market (save for maybe social games – shudder) has undergone as big an upheaval as the MMO market has. Over the last few years, the shift from subscription–based MMOs to free-to-play models has made a massive impact on some of the industry’s largest franchises. And with companies like Activision and Bungie bringing MMOFPS games like Destiny to next-gen consoles and PC, it’s unsurprising that Blizzard has stepped back to re-evaluate where Titan is heading.

The good news is that Morhaime confirmed that a lot of what has already been developed can be salvaged for this continued reboot of Titan. Whether that will hasten the newly rumoured 2016 release date will have to be seen.

If you want to read a nice overview of the history of Titan, then you can check out this neat article over on Massively.

Source: Polygon

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