Here’s what’s inside the PS4 – spoiler: no rainbows

Here's what's in the PS4 - 1.5
“What… what have I done”

There was a big fuss at Sony’s headquarters not too long ago, as Yasuhiro Ootori – head of the PlayStation 4’s mechanical engineering team – was about to tear open the next-gen console and show everyone what’s inside. All the attention this little show garnered makes you wonder what exactly people were expecting to find inside… Narnia maybe?

We’ve heard about all the tech the machine has under its hood, but it’s a whole different thing to see it all without that stylish black shell. In a video posted by Wired, the man from Sony dons his white gloves (that’s how you know it’s getting serious), grabs his tools, and disassembles his beloved console while explaining how everything works. He skilfully, and very gently, removes piece after piece, until every part is laid out naked before him…

It’s all very erotic – in a weird “I’m dismembering you because I love you” kind of way.

Full gallery after the jump.

It truly is a great thing Sony accomplished with the architecture for their next-gen behemoth, even though a lot of that work will remain unseen by most of their consumers.

For some more PlayStation 4 hardware-porn, check out the pictures below.

Source: Wired

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