NAG Online intern diaries – Week 1: Learning the ropes

NAG Online intern diaries 1

We were just a couple of innocent gamers checking NAG Online for our daily gaming fix, when an ominous voice called to us from the shadows, asking “PSST! WANNA BE A VIDEO GAMES JOURNALIST?” Naturally we were surprised, but nonetheless very interested, so we said “HELL YEAH, WE DO!” We followed the voice into a gloomy room, which carried the distinct odour of coffee, cigarettes, brand new games, and well… journalism. A bloody battle took place in that room, and only a few survivors came out with the coveted title of NAG Online intern.

Yes, I was chosen to be a part of what a fellow intern is calling the “NAG Online Hunger Games”… yeah, that sounds about right.

The words of much wiser men than myself ran through my head, reminding me that “we are not worthy! we are not worthy!” But self-doubt could be dealt with later – I had been given my brief, which along with all the info I’d be needing, held a subtle undertone that seemed to say “just don’t embarrass us”. There was also something peculiar that accompanied this brief, a “delightful” little document called the “NAG style guide”. It was a guide that if not followed meticulously, could spell the demise of many a hopeful intern.

NAG Online intern diaries

But the time for my first piece to be written had come, and even though it was only about 250 words, it still took me around three hours to finish. This was due to many factors, but the main one being re-reading it about 50 times to make sure it wasn’t complete garbage. I still thought it wasn’t worth the virtual paper it was written on when I sent it for review, but it was four in the morning at the time, and I’d already given up all hope in life itself. But in the morning I found that my article had miraculously been published, and when I re-read it with fresh eyes, it didn’t seem at all as shitty as I thought it was. Well, as one would expect, a freak-out of monumental proportions followed. Apologies to my friends (ex-friends), family, and my poor cat, who unfortunately lost the use of his ears as a result of my extremely shrill (and remarkably girly) screeches of excitement.

Guidance from our glorious and exulted NAG Online leaders (they definitely didn’t force me to call them that [Definitely maybe. – FemShepEd]) didn’t come too often – after all, this was a cage fight between me and the other interns, not a daycare. But being a little left in the dark was great in its own way – I was free to write and come up with ideas without worrying too much about what would and wouldn’t work for the site. When feedback did trickle down from Mount NAGlympus, it was very constructive and pointed out some flaws I would’ve never caught on my own. Glory to our great leaders!


So, while the first week was frustrating and stressful at times, it was still one of the most fun and fulfilling “work” weeks I’ve ever had. Yes, envy me, muahahaha!

Death threats and other fun stuff to follow in week two. Expect mediocrity!