Sigh. Dead Rising 3 – the one game that makes me long for an Xbox One, and perhaps the one game that might have swayed my pre-order decision if Microsoft’s console had an arrival date for South Africa. Let’s not dwell on that – it’ll get here eventually.

Here’s a story trailer for Dead Rising 3. Yes, contrary to the plethora of trailers that have come before this one, Dead Rising 3 isn’t just a zombie killing sandbox game – there’s an actual story in here. It’s a story about love*, betrayal**, moonlight romps*** and shooting zombies in the face with a twelve-gauge. Also, our strapping young hero, Nick Ramos, gets bitten by a zombie right at the start of the game, meaning you’re a ticking time bomb of brain-eating proportions. Curveballs!

You can find the trailer after the jump. Bet you weren’t expecting that. Curveballs, part 2!

* There’s probably no love. Maybe love for brains, but even that’s pushing it.
** You can bet your backside there’ll be betrayal at some point.
*** While there might be zombie slaying in the moonlight, there is in fact no confirmation of romping with said zombies in Dead Rising 3. There probably should be, because that’d be amazing.

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