Intern diaries week 2 - 1

At the end the previous post, “NAG ONLINE INTERN DIARIES – WEEK 1: LEARNING THE ROPES“, I promised to deliver mediocrity, and man do I plan on doing just that.

So here’s what my life as an insignificant little NAG Online intern was like during week two.

Having survived a whole week of what is quite possibly one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth, I was left feeling more confident and slightly less intimidated than I felt before. It was a good feeling, but it wasn’t a feeling destined to last. Especially not when NAG Online’s resident “Wicked Witch of the North” (not my words, I swear!)  Tarryn van der Byl donned the editor’s cap and became the now infamous destroyer of intern words, “FemShepEd”. While she ruled her unfortunate subjects with an unwavering iron pen, she also showed her softer side by means of “encouraging” tweets… like the ones below, for instance.

Resident badass

Tarryn would make one hell of an English teacher

After having extensively researched what the hell an Oxford comma is (and having thoroughly soaked my brand new underwear, because death threats), my quest to find anything worthwhile to write about began anew.

While traversing the planes of the magical land called the Internet, one may stumble across something worthy of labeling a NAG Online article. However, I was rarely the only traveler to come by such a treasure, as my fellow interns (damned vultures) often came upon the same prize and snatched it from my yearning hands yelling “dibs!” while making a hasty retreat. Every so often, however, I did find some promising leads – most of them discovered as the group slumbered (insert evil grin here) – and I set about penning my articles.

Intern diaries week 2 - 2

Hahahahahahahahaha! No really.

Writing during week two came much easier thanks to the veterans of NAG Online, who lifelessly sift through all the crap we come up with, and offer up their extensive knowledge for only a small fee of blood and humiliation.

Come day four, I slowly started to understand what the original article meant when it noted something about applicants needing to be equally passionate about both video games and writing, because hell, I haven’t played a single damn video game in two weeks! My free time consisted of: 50% looking for article ideas, 40% actually writing, and 10% crying myself to sleep and/or watching Gossip Girl. I may be exaggerating, but only a little. Luckily I love writing, and I have all six seasons of Gossip Girl on my PC, so… meh.

Gossip Girl Rocks!

Damn you Gossip Girl! They grab your curiosity with hot girls, and keep your attention with Chuck Bass.

I’d call week two a success because I came out of it having gained a few things: a fun addiction to caffeine (and the reload button on my browser), a greater appreciation for the gaming industry, and a funny little rash on my left arm that I’m pretty sure was caused by stress.

I don’t even know what to expect from week three, as I’m currently living it, so stick around.