Killzone Shadow Fall - 5

Two new videos for Killzone: Shadow Fall were recently released, and unlike the little multiplayer teaser Guerrilla made public a while ago, these new videos are NOT too good for YouTube.

The first one is the official launch trailer for the game, and it looks pretty fantastic. Along with some footage we’ve already seen (but still can’t get enough of), there are also a lot of new things on display. There are some dramatic words being thrown around that reek of bad blood, some hot new visuals, and a big ol’ wall. Guess humanity hasn’t learned that big walls are never the answer; see also: World War Z, Pacific Rim, and Berlin.

The second is a tech video that takes a look at how Guerrilla Games managed to get Shadow Fall looking so brilliantly sexy. Guerrilla’s game director Steven Ter Heide explains that they’re “eager to showcase the numerous ways in which [they’ve] leveraged the raw horsepower of the PS4 to push the tech in [their] engine to jaw-dropping new heights.”

Source: PlayStation Blog

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