As season 3 has now drawn to a close, summoners from around the world are anxiously glued to their keyboards, downing their energy drinks and awaiting that fateful moment when League of Legends announces the dawn of a new league year.

Riot Gaming has announced game-breaking changes that completely reforge the way League of Legends is being played. In the current meta, teams rely on two overfed champions to carry alongside a beefy meat-shield, one utility based support and a high mobility assassin. This composition allows for clean fights and easy winning.


However,  season 4 will introduce a new meta, one that will change the face of league as we know it… until the next patch.  Some more in-depth changes that Riot themselves announced about the jungles can be found here, and general gaming changes over here. These changes are indeed… substantial. Supporting will no longer require you to sacrifice fun for wards; jungling will grant more gold with the addition of a brand new jungle camp, giving a gold boost to our lonely forest rangers who dutifully gank and secure our lanes. Overall, the changes to the preseason will completely rip apart the meta and restructure game-play.

A new item slot called “trinkets” will also be introduced and depending on what your duty is in Summoner’s Rift, your trinket will give you an extra boost in your respective role, be it marksman, support, mage or jungler. The preseason announcements are exciting and as a summoner, season 4 makes League of Legends look like a whole new game.

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