Fans of turn-based tactical strategy and horned helmets alike can now rejoice in their respective mead halls, as The Banner Saga now has a firm release date of 14 January, 2014.

Drawing from the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and — more appropriately — Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together with its branching storyline and events, The Banner Saga is a narrative-driven turn-based tactical strategy game with a visual style setting inspired by Nordic myth and lore. Hand-drawn animation which recalls the classics of yesteryear also features prominently throughout the cut-scenes and in-game sprites, so it’s certainly a looker.

The Banner Saga has been development for over a year now following its successful Kickstarter campaign, and gamers have been able to get a taste of the game through the free-to-play multiplayer-only version, The Banner Saga: Factions.

A new (and wistful, if you’re a fan of cel animation) trailer accompanied the announcement, which can be viewed below:

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