[Tancrid had to go get his radiation levels checked or something, and asked me to edit and publish his final intern diary entry. So I added this lovely picture of a unicorn. Isn’t it lovely? It’s lovely. – FemShepEd.]

Well, today officially marks the end of the three week horror/survival game that is the “NAG Online Hunger Games”. After today, the fate of all the combatants (interns) will be decided by our sadistic overlords. Shall I simply fade away into distant memory while the victors feast on my grammatically incapable remains? Or shall I rise like a kraken from the depths of inadequacy, into the glorious sunlight beaming from the great entity in the sky known simply as NAG Online? Well crap… we’ll just have to see about that, now won’t we.

But for now, let me reminisce a little about what could have possibly been my last week here trying to fool all of you into thinking I know what the hell I’m talking about.

I have no idea what I'm doing

I’ll start off by letting you in on a little secret – when you’re a NAG Online intern, weekends don’t exist. In fact, weekends as an intern are spent almost entirely in front of two screens; one for staying up to date on the latest gaming news, and another for letting the other interns know that “this is my story damnit! Back off!” Actually, I joke a lot about us interns being ruthless beasts bent only on ensuring each-others’ demise. But in truth, if you can look past all the “yo mamma” jokes – and the occasional poisoning attempt – they’re a pretty great bunch. And during this week, the camaraderie was at an all-time high.

But let’s not get too deep into the bromance.

I finished three articles in the early hours of Monday morning, around five-ish, which included the first of my intern diaries. See, I prefer writing at such ungodly hours (like right now, it’s exactly 04:51 AM) because the chances of being interrupted by anything are pretty much zero – you know, because all the sane people are asleep. However, doing so has some blatantly obvious drawbacks… the most obvious of these being a chronic lack of sleep. But that’s just how we interns roll – “sleep when you’re dead” and all that jazz. The lack of sleep isn’t exactly the problem though, it’s the amount of editing I’m forcing onto my overbearing and intern-hating kind and understanding masters…

South Park - 1

While I’m sure this must have at least slightly annoyed whoever had the unenviable job of fixing my many mistakes, the punishment for my grammatical sins never came. Instead, I received only guidance and and valuable advice. So, win.

I had a lot of fun during week three, but the best part about it by far was interacting with NAG Online’s readership (this means YOU). You guys are extremely vocal and opinionated and that’s one of the many reasons why I love this place. You accepted us newbies into your warm bosom, but if one of us says something you don’t agree with, you’re damned sure gonna tell us about it. I’ve received praise from some of you about articles I wrote – that may or may not have been given out of pity – which reassured me everytime I began singing the “nobody loves me, everybody hates me” song.

You guys rock!

Well, here we are. This has been my report on week three, and what an awesome week it was. Even though it may not sound that way with all the moaning I’ve been doing in these here column thingies, I honestly enjoyed every second of this three week long trial.

So, to my fellow interns, I wish you good luck, and may the best man win “may the odds be ever in your favour”.