Well, Valve promised to make up for the Diretide debacle, and it looks they’ve delivered in a big way. Arriving in your Steam inbox today NOW, the “Three Spirits” update for Dota 2 is a huge one, delivering two new heroes, the often-discussed-but-never-realised Coaching mode, and an item crafting and socketing system.

But, firstly: Diretide will now take place from the 14th-28th of November, 2013. There. Are you happy, Internet? Volvo?

Moving on, the two new heroes  the Earth Spirit and the Ember Spirit  are the spiritual kin of the original Dota hero, the Storm Spirit. The Earth Spirit, a jade stone warrior infused with the spirit of the earth, can turn himself into a boulder and play geomagnetic havoc with his stone remnants, which allows him to buff his stats and stun the enemy with the correct placement.


The Earth Spirit.

Keeping with the elemental theme, the Ember Spirit is a resurrected warrior-poet, and seems like he’ll be a tricky melee hero. He’s able to dash, dervish-like, into a group of enemies before returning to his start position. He can also set up to five fire remnants that he can teleport to, making him an extremely mobile hero.


The Ember Spirit.

Those introducing their friends to the hostile world of MOBAs can now use the new Coaching mode to ease them into Dota 2‘s intricacies. The coaching mode allows multiple students and coaches in both bot and online games, dedicated communication channels for training, and UI elements to assist the student visually by drawing in the in-game world.

Finally, Dota 2 now allows players to take their hoards of items and transmute them into… well, other items, but cooler. This is done through various recipes whose requirements vary significantly and will no doubt step up the current arms race going on in the Dota 2 trading scene. You can now also adds sockets to your items in order to apply special effects and unique animations. To be clear, all of this is still purely cosmetic, and doesn’t have any impact on gameplay.


The new gem socketing system. Move over, Torchlight.

Of course, all these changes wouldn’t be complete if you couldn’t gloat over your handiwork, so Dota 2 now has a Showcase View for replays that will allow you to change camera angles, zoom in on the action and adjust the frame so that your Rampage run is perfectly captured when you take a screenshot.

Other notable additions include a Lane Picker to the hero selection screen so that you can start arguing with your team mates about MID before the game even starts and the ability to trade in-game with players you’re up against, regardless of Steam Friend status.

You can view the full list of updates here.

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Source: Dota 2 Official Site

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