So it’s finally happened, the PS4 has been released and is now roaming freely in the wild. Gametrailers and Spike TV provided live coverage of the New York midnight launch, but if you missed out on that, here’s a recap. Hit the jump for more.

PS4 Launch

So after the usual introductions by Geoff Keighley, Andrew House, and Jack Tretton, gamers were given a glimpse at DLC for one of PS3’s greatest hits. Prepare your mind for The Last of Us: Left Behind. The only information to materialise was a brief teaser trailer, but it looks like the DLC will serve as a prequel, detailing Ellie’s adventures with her friend Riley (Spoilers: it’s going to end badly for one of them).

The Last of Us: Left Behind

Naughty Dog followed up with another teaser trailer for a sequel to their other big PS3 franchise, Uncharted. Once again, all we have to go on is a brief teaser trailer, but it looks like someone has a vendetta with Drake and is seeking revenge. Simply titled: “Uncharted”, we’ll have to wait and see what this one will look like. More details here.



After Naughty Dog left the stage we were treated to a video of the upcoming Infamous: Second Son. Some gameplay was demoed and showed off Delsin’s new ‘Neon Powers’. They look similar to previous protagonist Cole McGraw’s lighting abilities, but are way prettier. There’s also a release date, so clear your schedules for March 21, 2014.

Infamous Second Son


Next came a small section about the Sony Magic Labs, which is essentially the R&D department. They got a brief section of limelight discussing the Dualshock 4 before announcing a new feature in development called ‘Eye Tracking’. Their aim was to have the player’s eyes replace the need for the right analogue stick. They also briefly mentioned teaming up with NASA to bring an astronaut experience to PlayStation.

Magic labs

What followed next was a short interview with Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes (the ones who taught us how to share PS4 games) where they reminisced about their memories of PlayStation. There was a touching moment from Shuhei where he spoke of how proud he was to see gamers lining up to buy the PlayStation One, which he helped develop. He then proceeded to troll the world by confirming that he has played The Last Guardian. He said it looks pretty, but he couldn’t remember what controller he played it with. More importantly, he confirmed that all 16 of Sony’s worldwide studios have games in development, and when asked to describe the PS4 said: “Epic comes to mind”.

Bungie’s Peter Parsons took to the stage next and showed off a new Destiny trailer exclusive to the launch event. Not much gameplay was shown, but the upcoming title still looks really impressive. He further confirmed that the Destiny beta would be coming first to PS3 and PS4.


And then came the announcement the internet had been waiting for, dreaming of. Game-directing legend Hideo freaking Kojima took to the stage (via video) to drop the biggest bombshell of the show. Get ready for this: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will have PlayStation exclusive content. You can play as the model of Snake from MGS1.

MGSV Snake


It’s called the Deja Vu mission, and all it does is highlight how far we’ve come from PS One graphics. But, seriously Kojima? This was the big announcement you were hyping up? It’s kind of cool seeing the Genome Soldiers and DARPA Chief awkwardly shoved into hi-definition backgrounds, but this is by far the lowest point of the launch event.

And speaking of launch, with 58 seconds left to go until the public launch of the PS4, Jack Tretton and Andrew House handed the first buyer his system. The lucky dude is Joey C. Congratulations Joey, on both the console and the heaps of internet fame you’ll no doubt receive.

Joey C.

So there you have it. As you read this, the PlayStation 4 is being sold around the world. The console war is only going to get hotter now, especially after the Xbox One launches on November 22nd. Sadly we’ll have to wait until December 13th for our retail launch, but it’s clear to see the Greatness Awaits.

If you have a spare hour, check out the entire event in the video below:


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